Theme Analysis: Discussing 2 book themes.


A Study in Scarlet:

Stamford, an old acquaintance of Dr Watson, introduced Dr Watson and Holmes. Both Holms and Watson are on the lookout for some accommodation at a reasonable cost. When they first met Holmes correctly identified Watson as an disabled, injured ex-army doctor. They found a residence at 221B Baker Street.Watson soon realises a great number of people seem to visit Holmes, but Watson is never present at these meetings. Watson observed the wide range knowledge of Holmes.

Watson is invited to a crime scene after he is told that Holmes is the world’s only Consulting Detective. At the scene, the body of Enoch Drebber is found, as well as Rache, German for revenge, in blood. Symptoms of poisoning is recognises and a trap set for the murderer. A woman’s wedding ring has been left behind on the scene and is invited to collect it. The trap fails, as it was an old woman collect it. Holmes suspects that the woman was an accomplice, rather than the murderer herself. Gregson and Lestrade are pursuing their own suspects. Gregson having gone so far as to arrest one of these suspects, although it is the wrong man.

Drebber’s friend Stangerson is found dead due to poisoning, with the word Rache. Holmes discover some pills, one pill is poison and one is harmless. Holmes is holding the cab driver, Jefferson Hope accountable for the murderers of Drebber and Stangerson.

A flashback to Utah about 34 years earlier when the tale of a rescue by Mormons is told. It’s about John Ferrier and a girl called Lucy. Lucy was the love of Jefferson Hope, but Lucy is married off to Drebber, in preference to Stangerson. Stangerson is confessed to have murdered John Ferrier. Lucy died a few months of a “broken heart”. Hope promise that he will get revenge on Drebber and Stangerson for the rest of his life. Hope work as a cab driver to narrow down the search of the 2 men. He had got occasions to kill them. Hope explained that he gave the men a choice of a pill, one to live and one to die. Stangerson tried to overpower Hope and that is why he had been stabbed. Hope got arrested but died before his trail from an aneurysm in the heart.

In the first section of Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet, the following analysis examines the following themes. Deductive/abductive reasoning. Holmes success in solving crimes originate from his ability to analyze small pieces of evidence and draw conclusion from them. Holmes story begins with a display of Holmes’ amazing abilities. Holmes refers to his skills as reasoning backwards, not forwards. Revenge. Holmes comes to the conclusion that it is either politics or love that motivates the murderer of Drebber and Stangerson. Hope is motivated by love, that leads to revenge. Hopes’ passion for revenge motivates him. Forensic science, Friendship and more.



Somewhere in the shadows:

John Blacksad is a very tough private investigator with a rough background. In the first volume of Blacksad, Somewhere in the shadows, we found out that Blacksad investigates the murder of the famous actress Natalia Willford. Before her death they used to be involved, he was first her bodyguard but then they got more intimate.

His first inspection leads him to a screenwriter and her last known lover, Léon Kronski, who has disappeared. When he finds Kronski, Kronski was already dead and buried under a fake name. Blacksad is arrested after the he was beaten up by two hired men. Smirnov, a police commissioner, explains to Blacksad that he himself cannot investigate the murder any further and Smirnov offers him a deal, beneficial to both sides.

As Blacksad returns home, a goanna hitman and a rat goon attempt to kill him. Blacksad shoots and kills the rat, interrogates the dying goanna and uncovers that the richest and most powerful businessman of the city, Ivo Statoc thefrog, who considers himself above any law is the culprit behind everything. Statoc shot the actress himself because of her infidelity. Blacksad confronts cold-blooded Statoc after brutally infiltrating the office suite at the top of his skyscraper. Statoc first offers him a job, and later a bribe but Blacksad rejects both offers as a matter of principle. Blacksad shoots Statoc in the head an the police arrange it so it appears to be a suicide.

In the first book of Blacksad, Somewhere in the shadows, the following analysis examines three elements in terms of how they contribute to the representation of power, morality and justice. With the selection and representation of the different animals for each of the characters are discussed as a device which can both contributes to and unsettles the readers’ recognition between good and evil. Characters’ choices become more complex and questionable. At the same time their graphical depiction is altered so that the different aspects of their animal characteristics come forward. This aspect of the series speaks to the inconsistency of justice as applied within the law, in comparison to the moral ideal of equality that the central character, were he not so boring and disillusioned, would aspire to.

The the use of different backgrounds, including the interior and urban space, abortive subdivision development in Arctic-Nation contributes to the development of readers understanding of the characters social position, and to the legibility of social context of the scenes that advance the plot. The characters differences of their social importance and the economic scenery of the society present a critique of capitalist without morals and its concentration of power and wealth.

The text clearly states references to different concepts of law, justice and morality that are compared to the moral judgments about characters and their choices which are clearly represented through the visual narrative and plot.




A Study in Scarlet:


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